Top 7 places to get the best gold in Dubai

Since Dubai is the world’s most popular gold trading hub, it is hardly surprising that the city has the world’s best gold shops. So be it buying gold in bullion or gold in the kilo, this city of riches offers a plethora of gold shops, so you can indulge your love and passion for the world’s most coveted metal.

However, since buying gold is a huge investment, it only makes sense if you are proceeding with the purchase cautiously. Therefore, if you are thinking of making a huge investment in gold, it is better for you to buy villa in Dubai or rent a villa, as you never know how many times you will need to visit the city following your enormous investment.

Gold is one of the most volatile substances and the cost of it keeps soaring and plummeting. The fluctuation in price is decided by many factors like the amount of gold bought and sold by the government, sentiments, and the volatile equity of prices.

Since there are so many available options for people who want to buy gold, the best advice that we can provide is to check if your desired shop is registered. Registered or authorities shop not only sell gold at accurate prices, but they are also pretty transparent about the quality of the gold.

The best and the right places to buy gold in Dubai are mentioned below, so without further ado, let’s have a look.

  1. The Gold Souk

This shop gives the true demonstration of Dubai’s success. The Gold Souk has staggering pendants, bracelets, bangles, earrings, and necklaces in a variety of different colors, like yellow, pink, white, and even green!

This shop has different styles of gold, including European, Arabic, and Indian styles.

What is even more appealing about this particular gold shop, is the price. Within the same price, it is nearly impossible to find the quality and the quantity of gold anywhere around the world.

However, we still suggest you browse through multiple shops for the particular design that you adore and do not forget to haggle for the most reasonable price.

  1. The Gold and Diamond Park

Just as the name suggests, this particular gold shop offers a mesmerizing range of gold and diamond. It is located on Sheikh Zayed Road and offers impossible-to-find designs.

The artisans of The Gold and Diamond Park craft the most exceptional pieces of jewelry by keeping in mind the specifications described by their customers. This shop is located in an air-conditioned mall which has amenities like cafes and restaurants.

  1. Joyalukkas

In a matter of a few years, since its opening, Joyalukkas has established itself among the A-list of gold shoppers. This brand of jewelry does not hesitate to come up with absolutely unique and bold designs.

  1. Damas

Damas has earned itself a huge loyal customer base, because of its exquisite and uniquely crafted jewelry. Damas is mainly a middle eastern style jewelry shop that is mainly divided into four types of different stores, so it can easily meet every customer’s desires and pocket. They have high-end jewelry, slightly range ones, and trendy ones that can become in the most competitive price range.

  1. Damiani

This exclusive jewelry brand is located at the heart of Dubai Mall and is known for its leading Italian designs. The flawless collection of this brand is famous all across Dubai for its stunning designs.

This brand is basically perfect for anyone who loves to hoard unique pieces of jewelry.

  1. Ary Jewelers

These jewelers have a rather sophisticated style, therefore their gold jewelry is combined with beautiful pearls, diamonds, and elegant stones. The Ary Jewelers although offers a versatile jewelry collection, it is usually known for its classical Indian styled jewelry.

  1. Atlas Jewelry

They are the most trustable jewelers in Dubai as they have been in business for over 3 decades. Atlas jewelry is a brand that mainly caters to the wishes of Indian expatriates in Dubai, however, their chic styles also suit the tastes of non-Indian masses.

The 7 aforementioned shops are only some of the places that sell authentic and beautiful gold jewelry, otherwise, Dubai is a hub of gold and that is why it is rightly called City of gold. So do not wait anymore and live in the gorgeous Bulgari Residences Dubai, so you can have the most golden memories.