Why Is The No Needle No Scalpel Vasectomy Better

Vasectomy is a sterilization procedure for men who do not want any more children with their spouse or partner to complete their family. The benefits of this procedure are it is pain-free, and there are practically no major incisions done. After the procedure is complete, the tube that transports sperms from the testis to the urinary passage or the urethra is completely blocked and severed. This is done to stop the ejaculation with sperms.

No needle no-scalpel vasectomy is permanent in nature

The noneedle noscalpel vasectomy is a permanent procedure for sterilization. It is different from the traditional vasectomy as there is no incision involved when it comes to exposing the vas deferens or the tube that carried the sperms from the man’s testis to his urinary passage.

The whole surgery is done via a very small puncture made by the surgeon in the scrotum of the man. The benefits of the no-scalpel vasectomy are as follows-

  • There is a small puncture done with very little pain caused to the man.
  • The pain after the operation is very little.
  • The recovery process is faster than the conventional vasectomy.
  • One generally stays back in the clinic or hospital for about 30 minutes after the procedure is over.
  • One can drive back to his home after the surgery though it is recommended that someone accompanies him on the day of the procedure.
  • Light work can be resumed on the same day; however, doctors advise men to stay away from the gym and lifting heavyweights.
  • There are no sutures placed, so its removal is not required.
  • One needs to visit the doctor after three months or so for a follow-up.

Reasons to choose a no-scalpel vasectomy

The following are the prime reasons why men choose a no-scalpel vasectomy-

  • There are no complications in this type of permanent sterilization.
  • The man takes the onus of family planning instead of shifting its responsibility to the spouse or partner.
  • There are no tensions of future pregnancies.
  • You get to control the number of members you want in your family.
  • There is no adverse effect on your sexual performance and life.

Choosing your surgeon

When it comes to the vasectomy procedure, you need to choose your surgeon carefully. The specialist should be trained and certified with a good team of healthcare professionals. Experience counts when you are looking for a good surgeon. Assess track records of the specialist and read online reviews of past patients.

The costs of the noneedlenoscalpel vasectomy depend upon the surgeon’s skills and experience, the location of the clinic, associated clinic costs, and more. Before you undergo the procedure, you must visit the clinic of surgeon and clear your concerns and queries. Note, the procedure is a life-changing one, and it is prudent to bring along your spouse or partner so that both of you can take an informed decision about finally opting for the procedure or not. Both of you should discuss it thoroughly before taking the step.